"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away" Vicki Corona


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Samuele Rembado

Young entrepreneur born and raised in Liguria, who almost got sucked into Electronic Engineering, but saved himself in time.

Kung fu fighter, amazing cook, children whisperer, intrepid explorer, daydreamer, night party animal, excellent driver. 


Love ideas, financial investments, building stuff,  pushing limits and having a good time.

Work experience: Lifeguard; Stand up Paddle instructor; Artistic Gymnastic coach; Event's organizer.

Brazilian biologist living in Canada, dreaming of escaping to Italy. 

Awesome dance instructor, serial desserts eater, passionate traveler, no sense of direction, good sense of humour. 


Love people, science, nature, parties and good food. 


Work experience: International Program Manager for Educational Trips; Professor of Evolution and Ecosystems; Outdoor facilitator for canoeing, kayaking, climbing and winter camping; Nature Reserve Superintendent; Latin Dances instructor.

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Dana Vianna Moiana

We believe in traveling as a way to grow and explore, going out of the beaten path, meeting locals, eating traditional food, and actually living the place we are in. We want to take you with us, and have you going home with much more than just super cool selfies.



Via Santa Liberata 15

Pietra Ligure (SV)


Tel: +39 334 1736731

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